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Platinum Credit Card

Platinum Credit Card
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A platinum credit card is different than the classic, silver and gold cards but mainly, it is only a difference in credit limit, member fees and income restrictions that sets each card apart from one another. Basically, the best kind of card is mostly thought to be a platinum credit card because they are typically associated with the highest credit limits and top reward programs, which are heavily known for their perks.

Aspiring to be a platinum credit card member is no easy task as you will have to meet vigorous and strict standards in order to be granted such a line of credit. Your credit score and income will mean the most at the time of application for a platinum card and you must meet or exceed the creditor’s standards of how high your credit score and income should be, in order to be approved.

A platinum credit card requires a high credit score and steady high income because they offer such high amounts of credit and in many cases the limit for platinum is considered unlimited! Now, keep in mind that with any banking or credit institution there truly is no definition for classification of any kind of funds being unlimited, which stands true in the real world as well.

Therefore, a technical limit will be in the fine print but the amount is so ridiculous that many agree it is okay to call it an unlimited line of credit. Other cards including classic, silver and gold cards range in various small ways when compared to the platinum credit card but to some, these small changes are what allows them to obtain any credit card, platinum or not!

Classic cards are the easiest to be approved for because they typically only require an average amount of income and a fair credit score for anyone to be approved. There are secured cards too that supply small amounts of credit the more often you use their card with funds you loaded previously.

Gold and silver cards basically range between amount of credit extended and what it takes to be approved which again, has everything to do with how much income you earn and your credit score. Also, membership fees vary from card to card and this includes any platinum credit card so, pay attention to how much the fees are going to cost before you sign anything!

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