Saturday, March 26, 2011

Demi Amal, Istri & Pacar Angkatan Militer Ini Rela Bugil ?!

50 Members of the Military Wife and Girlfriend Naked .. Volunteer Calendar For Charity [HOT PICT]] .. A group of military wives and girlfriends have become Calendar Girls to raise money for wounded soldiers. The SWAGs (Service Wives And girlfriends), posing nude with guns, planes and tanks for a charity calendar 2010.

SWAG Calendar
A total of 50 volunteers, all the wives and girlfriends of men from the three armed services, was photographed at the base and training facilities in Hampshire. Calendar has produced  £ 26,000, to help soldiers wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lisa-Patel, 43, who lives near Bath, Somerset, and posing in the calendar month of April, says proud to help support the troops. He said: â € œSeorang school friend is British and has been sent to Afghanistan.

I feel it's the only way I can really support him from home to do charity work for Help Heroes and when I became a model to please a boyfriend who sent help to pose in the calendar.

I am very proud to be involved with the calendar and I really admire the work for the British armed forces are doing in Afghanistan. The night before that I was very nervous but I said to myself that if armed forces are overseas fighting on my behalf, I would have the courage to bare.

Photographer Roy Goodwin who helped take a photo calendar, adding: About 50 girls are involved in total and they are all volunteers. They note the work and dedication to make the calendar very well and we even have to smuggle them into a military base for a single occasion.


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