Saturday, March 26, 2011

Amazing World Record! Shallow Pond With Waterfall In Style Goose

Darren Taylor, better known as "Professor Splash", has just made ​​a new world record in Style with a swan dive from the height of 36 meters to the pool yangdangkal.

Taylor, a professional diver from Colorado, has been training very high diving for 25 years, and already has a record of 12 others diGuinness Records under his belt. For one 13, he went to Norway, where he jumps from 36 feet to only 12 inches of water. And if that's not impressive enough, Guinness did not allow the bottom of the pool will increase. "However, there are some foam mat under the pool. Believe me, jumped up and landed flat as possible within 12 inches of water pretty hard like that." said Professor.

Using special techniques, Professor Splash lead with his hands, the effect of rest on his face and pushed him forward as he thin layer of water. "With a unique technique that I can make every jump world record, but I have to admit that they do not get much easier way. You have to judge the wind, cold, time of day and be quiet so that each jump successfully." said the diver, who managed to stay injured, every time.

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