Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tips or guidelines to prove the original Kopi Luwak before you buy one

Naturally Luwak lives in the the wild, however, they also can live in the cage. Kopi Luwak Suryana comes from the Luwak that lives in the cage. By this way, we can ensure our customers the originality of Kopi Luwak Suryana. You may find some tips of proving original Kopi Luwak before you buy one.

First Tip
Firstly, you have to know the exact place where they take care the Luwak. We must come and see the number, age and size of the Luwak in order to give you the first appearance and calculation of the average.

Then, you will have a picture from where and how Kopi Luwak comes from. By seeing directly, you can understand that Luwak only consumes the ripe red coffee berries. They are consumed and naturally fermented in Luwak’s digestive tract and will come out on the next day.

Second Tip
Cup tasting is another step to prove the original Kopi Luwak. Besides seeing, tasting is also very important. For espresso coffee drinkers, original Kopi Luwak definitely will give very special and different taste from other regular robusta or arabica coffee. For Turkish coffee drinkers, each cup of Kopi Luwak can be served twice. After finishing the first cup, the remaining ground coffee still can be poured with the boiling water. Both the first and second cup of the coffee flavor and taste will be almost the same.


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