Monday, March 7, 2011

Nirmalamma Latest News

Nirmalamma: Latest News, Photos and Videos
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Nirmalamma Passed Away
Great telugu actress Nirmalamma passed away on Thursday morning in Hyderabad. She was 89. This gifted actress got recognition as a natural artiste who immortalised hundreds of mother and grandmother characters. Nirmalamma has been an innevitable part of Telugu film for decades. Telugu Film Reviews
She began her acting career in 1950 with a Telugu film 'Garudagarvabhangam' at the age of 16. She has acted in almost a 1000 films. She got FiImfare award for the best character artiste.
Her important films include Shankarabharam, Yamagola, Padiharella Vayassu, Shubhasankalpam, Apadbandhavudu, Swathimythyam and many more. 
She had been suffering from ailments related to old age. On Thursday morning she was rushed to hospital after her health deteriorated where she breathed her last.
The film industry has expressed grief over the demise of the blessed actress.

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