Saturday, March 19, 2011

3 DaysAt Sea Tsunami Floating Congratulations

What a lucky man 60 years Hiromitsu Shinkawa. His home when the tsunami waves swept rolled his hometown, the city of Minami Soma, Fukushima. For three days wandered blindly in the ocean. But he survived. "I fled after hearing the tsunami came," Shinkawa said the rescue as quoted by Jiji Press. "But I came back to take something at home that time my drift. I am happy when hanging on the roof of my house. "

Japanese Defense Ministry stated Shinkawa was found Sunday by one of the boat when the rescue team Chōkai wandered blindly in the sea area of ​​Fukushima. That means Shinkawa survive three days at sea as far as 15 kilometers from the town of Futaba while awaiting rescue. Sitting on the roof of his house splinter, Shinkawa pedaling with his hands. From the sea, he was taken to hospital by helicopter.

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