Monday, April 18, 2011

Peluncuran Bus Limousin Super Cepat dan Super Mewah

Limousine Bus Launch Super Fast and Super Luxury

Is a former astonot who attended the joint space mission space shuttle 'Challenger' named Wubbo Ockels Dutchman who led a design team of the TU Delft University, has launched a super bus and took part in the International Exhibition of Public Transport (UITP) in Dubai.

Made of super lightweight carbon fiber material and an electric motor powered by lithium polymer, aerodynamically and luxurious limousine bus was allegedly capable of carrying 23 passengers at speeds up to 155 Mph (about 255 kilometers per hour).

Antonia Terzi, former staff of the BMW Williams F1, is the most responsible for the 'speed' super bus.

The interior is elegantly supported by air bags, television and internet access for each passenger, and exterior aerodynamic in design to make it an energy-efficient vehicles, has cost 19 million dollars since the project began in 2004. [sourc]

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