Sunday, April 24, 2011

6 Remaja Yang Menghasilkan Jutaan Dollar Setiap Tahun

1. Qualls Ashley (

Ashley Qualls is the founder - Websites that used to provide free MySpace layouts and the income obtained through advertising. Ashley started an Internet business in 2004 at the age of 14 years and with initial capital of U.S. $ 8 (Rp.78.000) which he borrowed from his mother to buy a Domain name. Now his website dikunjungan 70 million visitors per month, he has produced U.S. $ 1.5 Million from its website.

2. Adam Hildreth (

Hildreth was born in March 1985 and he managed to develop his own business through

3. Catherine Cook (

6 Teens Who Make Millions of Dollars per Year
Catherine is the founder, the third largest social network in the United States after Facebook and MySpace. Catherine founded when she was 16 years ago in 2005.

4. James Murray Wells (

money graphics 2008 869633a 6 Teens Who Make Millions of Dollars per Year
James Murray was 19 years old when he started his business. He sees great business opportunities in the online retail industry for eyeglasses. She started her business of lending money to college. Within a year, he made $ 1 million and now the company has been making a profit up to U.S. $ 4 million a year.

5. John Magennis

SupernannyMagennis thumb WASHINGTON 6 Teens Who Make Millions of Dollars per Year
John started a web design business when he was 14 years old. initial cost to design templates Web site only U.S. $ 15, but now its business has been transformed into a kingdom of a multi-million dollar business. For now, each template website design John priced at U.S. $ 30,000.

6. Matt Wegryzn

B18 6 Teens Who Make Millions of Dollars per Year
Matt has produced more than U.S. $ 1 Million at the age of 17 years of Domain Flipping. Many of these domain names which he planted to produce large values, such as U.S. $ 50,000 +.

Matt comes from Poland, but now lives in New York.

They are not teenagers who get inheritance from their parents, they build a business with the power of the Internet. The teenager was successfully claim that age is not an obstacle to building an economic land. source

Seharusnya dasar ini yang harus ditanamkan oleh para orang tua kita ataupun sekolah, jangan hanya mengarahkan anaknya untuk menjadi seorang PNS. Mari budayakan INOVASI dan pembaharuan, jadikan remaja diatas sebagai contoh.

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