Saturday, April 16, 2011

Amazing! Rock Concerts And Use the iPhone as an Instrument iPads

A teenage rock band in Russia held a rock concert and iPads using the iPhone as a musical instrument.

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Increasingly, the use of the iPhone and iPads more and more - although I have not used it because it has not been able to buy ...

Recently a group of teenage rock band called Cooperative Style from Kazan, Russia, has proven that the iPhone and iPads can be used as an instrument of good music. They have demonstrated skill in a rock concert though only in the local scale (

After entering the application for drums, keyboards and guitars into these gadgets, they are on stage singing songs from a group of rock legends like Nirvana's song, Bon Jovi and so on without a real musical instrument.

"We were a little difficult to put our souls into the game via the gadget, but as an amateur band, we are quite proud to be the first band in the world to perform LIVE using the iPhone and iPads," said Ruslan Halikov, the guitarist of the band Cooperative Style.

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