Friday, April 8, 2011

Alamak! Pasangan Menikah Telanjang Bugil

Almost every couple dreams of a memorable wedding for a lifetime. As the couple from Australia, Ellie Barton and Phil Hendricott, who dared to hold a wedding without clothes in front of 250 close relatives. As quoted from the pages of The Sun, only the bride wore a long white veil on the knot. Breast and covered only with paint intimate organ of the body (body paint). While the groom just bring a hat to cover the intimate organ.

The wedding took place in February 2009 was broadcast live ago by B105 radio station that reaches more than 1,000 listeners in Brisbane. The 25-year-old pair looked very enthusiastic and happy. They show absolutely no shame when saying the promise of marriage in the presence of 250 guests invited are all fully clothed.

Ellie and Phil was not the only couples who choose to leave the tuxedo and wedding gown sprinkled with crystals to get married. There are a number of couples who are also trying to create unforgettable moments by holding a wedding without a dress.

One of the most famous nude wedding ceremony is the Hedonism III resort in Runaway Bay, St. Ann. In celebration of Valentine's Day 2003, as much as 29 couples with no clothes give a promise in that place. It became one of the largest nude wedding.


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