Saturday, April 9, 2011

10 Game Paling Dilarang Di Dunia

Right now video games are developed to answer the human need for entertainment. But, not infrequently video games actually sparked controversy, and even forced a number of countries prohibit the circulation of a video game. The reason for banning video games all kinds, ranging from containing violent content to be promoting gambling. Top 10 Games Forbidden World

10. Pokemon

pokemon series games banned in saudi arabia. The cause of the ban because of this card game diangga promote perjudian.pada in 2001, all products of the Pokemon franchise is prohibited because it is also associated with Zionism and other religious intolerance. Game is claimed to contain features of the cross, and "the star of david" symbol of the state of israel.

9. Carmageddon

in 1997, Carmageddon deemed to have deviated in which display images of excessive violence. Fantasies of violence that appear to make this game banned in Brazil, German and English,

8. Football manager 2005

This football themed game banned in China in 2005. The government claimed people's republic china china uu inimelanggar game because it contains content harmful to China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Because in this game, fm 2005 enter tibet and taiwan as a separate country from China.

7. Mortal Combat

Brazil and Germany prohibit perdaran this game because the game is often featuring combat excessive blood. Since 1992, the Mortal Kombat series has brought controversy to the game. Even the entertainment software rating board (ESRB) eventually require all new video game to be assessed and given a warning label on the packaging of the game.

6. left 4 dead 2

Australia and the German government banned this game for not giving a warning label for the game is played only adults aged 18 years and over. The images that appear are often excessive, call it a zombie, cutting, cuts and stacks of bodies go into details.

5. Bully (canis canem)

banned in Brazil, England and the United States. This game is considered to invite school children to do trouble at school and is considered to damage the morale of the younger generation.

4. Grand theft auto

this game banned in Australia and axles and has always been controversy. Although this game is sophisticated enough to use google maps perspective, the core theme of this game is considered to teach the robbery, violence and drugs. Even in the series GTA: San andreas, features this game brings a mini game called hot coffee. In the game there are mini games scene between two characters who are having sex. Suddenly, the team directly censor games to game ratings.

3. Call of duty

banned in saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Cuba. War games like call of duty is considered to have declined because of the location and time history used in the theme of war is usually taken when the time of the war in a country. Serial call of duty the most controversy is a modern warfare 2 and black ops. However, both are actually reap substantial profits from his best-selling game software sales.

2. Postal

postal, game that brought the genre of 'first-person shooter' menampilak a horrible scene. Gamers are invited to shoot a number of workers and civilians who were told was 'raging' in a background region ireland. Digamarkan civilians and insurgents is to boost production of illegal drugs for the purposes of terrorism. Terrorist game was banned in 13 countries including Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.

1. Manhunt

In 2008 Manhunt 2 were banned because the content of the display of sadism. Rockstar as the developer had released its revised version, however, remained banned. Trade. Long before, Padda, 2004, first made headlines Manhunt British newspapers following the death of a student 14 years due to being stabbed and beaten in Leicester, east central England city. The victim's parents feel confident the killer get inspiration from that game, although police and lawyers to explain there was no evidence that games played a role in the murder. This game is banned in seven countries, including Germany, Britain and Ireland.


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